Sourdough Bread and Pastry Bakery with Love

“Pola, you need to open a bakery!”

That’s how it all started. Well, basically it started earlier. Probably already with my DNA helix.

Do you know someone who is obsessed with good bacteria and fermentation? I thought you won’t. Now you know me. Due to my supernatural enthusiasm over the sourdough, the brand D(r)oživetje – Sourdough Experience has been made a revival, which I run with my fermented friend Erik Bačar.

Polona Klančnik - PolaBekeraj

“Sourdough bakery with love totally obsessed me.”

Soon, my creative energy brought me a step further and I began to use sourdough also with healthy pastry, which is my mission.

Thus, the story of PolaBekeraj has grown out of all frames and I share my mission with good people, to whom I transfer all my knowledge, experience and best recipes. I deliver culinary workshops, culinary birthday celebrations for children and adults, and on the other hand, I organize culinary teambuilding for companies.

I’m from Koroška region, who was brought by love to Bela krajina region, I’m a mom to Ava and Jon, I’m a partner and a friend. I love everything that is beautiful, beautiful food, nice clothes, nice cuisine and I love cookbooks.

Welcome to the world of PolaBekeraj.

PolaBekeraj - delavnice

“Between motherhood and fashion is sourdough passion.”

- Polona Klančnik

Contact and Reservation

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